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Class Levels

Little Explorers and Level 1A: Basic Tumbling

*Little Explorers is for ages 4 to 6. Level 1A is for students 6 and up;

Working on forward roll, handstand, cartwheel, roundoff, front walkover, back walkover, proper motions and jumps.

Level 1B: Back Handsprings

Standing backhandspring, roundoff backhandspring, t-jump backhandspring, proper motions and jumps.

Back Handspring Class

Working on standing backhandspring, conditioning and drills, and roundoff back handspring. 

Level 2: Handspring Connections

Working on standing backhandspring series, roundoff backhandspring series, front walkover connections,
back walkover connections, jump connections ending in backhandpring, motions.


Level 3: Tucking Skills

Working on roundoff back handspring(s) tuck, standing back tuck, roundoff tuck,
punch front, jump connections ending in multiple backhandsprings

Tuck Class

Working on standing back tuck, conditioning, standing handspring(s) to back tuck. 


Level 4: Layouts and Tuck Connections 


Working on standing backhandspring(s) to tuck, standing backhandspring(s) to layout,
roundoff back handspring layout, motions and jump connections ending in a backhandspring tuck or layout.


Level 5: Elite Tumbling and Twisting Skills

Working on full twisting layouts, standing backhandspring series to fulls, Arabian, whips,
double full twisting layouts, jump connections ending in a standing tuck.


Cheer 101

Working on cheer motions, learning cheers and short dances that are taught and evaluated in one class setting. Ideal for cheerleaders who are interested in sideline or school cheerleading.